Email me for now as signup form is temporarily out of service.

as of May 8, 2019

After spending months planning a strategy and days setting up a form to collect your response in a way that would be as user friendly as possible, the form service (a.k.a WordPress plugin) I was using suddenly and without warning stopped letting me see your response unless I paid a subscription fee.

For now, please email me at to tell me whether or not you want to receive email notices concerning updates when they occur on any of my sites. We can then communicate one-to-one to talk about what kind of notifications you want to receive, etc.

Thank you for your patience.

I could just pay Happy Forms for the upgrade ransom they require to keep this working as planned. And normally I prefer to reciprocate for technological contributions. But the style in which they did this — a sudden, unannounced shut down about which I only discovered when I tried to review the responses received in the last 24 hours — has driven me to look for a better alternative.