Ruth Heil is an author, freelance writer, musician, and Nature-print artist. An enduring respect for the earth is the common thread that ties together all her work. Her philosophy is embodied by the gifts given to her at birth: a life surrounded by Nature, the intelligence to understand its importance to life, and the wisdom to act with gratitude.

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Freelance writing for ecofriendly audiences.

Personal blog featuring brief thoughts that arise while spending time outside.

Natural Renderings

Original art for sale, created by Nature, translated by Ruth.

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Personal essays that might be described as “what greedy capitalists don’t want you to know.” Topics focus on ways to declare your independence from over-consumption and wastefulness.

Originally, Ruth took a similar-but-broader approach and reflected upon the challenges of living a simple life. You can also find a decade’s worth of those old posts in the “original posts” archives.