Grand Canyon of PA

One way to get to know Ruth is to read what she’s written. Her perspective is shared on two blogs (Back to Basics or Today’s Walk). You can also browse through her published pieces via the portfolio page of her freelance writing website, TheWriteBeat.com.


by Ruth Heil

I began my career in advertising; consulted to small businesses after the agency closed; trimmed down my services to just include writing; and recently expanded my ability to communicate by adding Nature printing to my portfolio.

As an author, I write to support readers who care and understand that their lives impact the lives of others. I honor their attempts to proceed with gratitude and respect. I remind them to trust their instincts and encourage them to notice the miraculous creations that surround all of us. In my professional freelance writing, my niche favors ghostwriting, through which I tweak the sincere messages of others to increase reader understanding. In this way, I sometimes consider myself not a writer, but a servant to communication.

pianoAs an amateur musician, I enjoy playing classical, folk, and other melodies on my most prized possession, a Boston studio piano. My mother is responsible for opening this door to self-expression for me. It was on her Philadelphia-made Betsy Ross spinet that I learned my lessons, the ones she bought for me, starting in the third grade, ending when I was 18. Unlike many musicians, the ability to “play by ear” has escaped me. I am, however, adept at reading music, and I love exploring the endless world of written music. I value the sense of discovery gained with each new song, and I am glad to be able to easily match the tune played to the mood felt, whether it be happy, sad, energetic, slow, or otherwise. On the infrequent occasion my talent escapes the privacy of my piano room in order to entertain friends, I enjoy being witness to the transformation that comes when music is injected into the scene, especially when people of all abilities have the courage to sing or play along. In this way, I sometimes consider myself not a musician but a music-enjoyment facilitator.

My newly minted role as a Nature-print artist allows me communicate through imagery the awe that the ecosystem inspires. I subscribe to the notion that Nature needs our appreciation and respect in order to for it to continue to provide all that we need to survive. I strive to create prints that closely mirror the colors, textures, and other details of the original object. In this way, I consider myself not an artist but a translator.

Other personal influences have included my grandparents. The Pennsylvania Dutch community that shaped them favored the concept of “save and reuse.”  My farming ancestors were at the mercy of the land and weather. As immigrants, they learned to survive in America using their own skills and self-taught trades. They were, and I am, industrious, devout, self-sufficient, open to every shade of religious expression, and dedicated to wasting nothing.

In all my work, I strive to say what needs to be said while building a well-balanced, healthy environment for myself and others.


I am a supporting member of the following organizations:

I also am honored to serve as vice chair of the Environmental Advisory Council in Lower Frederick Township.